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    Southern Hip-Hop’s king

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    Flashback Friday. Remembering our favorite restaurants: Simos (pictured), Pollirosa, the Grotto, Sampler’s, Sam’s Gourmet, Penelope’s, Berry’s, Mr. Steak, the Station, Lighthouse Grill, Brass Kettle, Staley’s, Bonanza, the Swiss Chalet, K & W, Steve’s Italian Ristorante, Kelly’s Hamburgers and Joann’s Chili Bordello. How many do you remember? Sadly, most of those are gone now. We’re gathering memories of your favorite restaurants for possible inclusion in the summer issue of Wake Forest Magazine. Share your memories and restaurants to add to our list to magazine@wfu.edu

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    Wake Forest fans storm the court after the Demon Deacons beat the Duke Blue Devils in Joel Coliseum on Wednesday evening, 82-72. -Ken Bennett

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